About Us

Your Work-life Runs Better on Clockwork.

Industries We Serve

  • Warehouse, 3PL Logistics Fulfillment, Docks, Supply-Chain, Reverse Logistics

  • E-Commerce Distribution Centers, Delivery Services, and Trucking

  • Food Manufacturing, Ghost Kitchens and Dark Stores

  • Medical Device Assembly, Medical Technology and Labs

  • Machine Shops, Metal Fabrication, Recycling, other Manufacturing, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical

  • Logistics for Top-tier Conventions, Concerts, Sports Events and Stadiums

Clockwork was born from gig economy experts looking to find a solution to the biggest workforce disruption in more than 100 years, and to help equip frontline companies to prepare for whatever comes next.

Whether they’ve insourced or outsourced their workforce, companies that make and move things have a painful time acquiring, upskilling and retaining their workforce through peaks and troughs. Workers who are stuck in the grist mill of low road employment practices and adverse selection have a tough time making ends meet.

We realized this was the #1 issue in the economy, one we as former Uber leadership could help solve. We’ve spent the past two years diving deep and building an end-to-end platform that provides a win-win scenario for workers and businesses.

When it comes to labor, we know all workers are ultimately looking to find a job, get working, and get paid, all as efficiently as possible. We’re meeting their needs and bridging the gap between workers and employers with our proprietary technology. Some of our unique and proprietary solutions include: on-demand transportation connecting recent refugee communities, on-demand bilingual near-shore teams, and our supervisor tools for managing a modern distributed workforce in real-time.

Clockwork helps frontline workers get a great job with benefits and level up. We work hard to be the employer of choice in all our locations, and we believe that lifting up workers leads to higher productivity and a wins for all stakeholders.

Your work life runs like Clockwork.

Meet Our Leadership Team

  • Jason Radisson

    founder, ceo

    Clockwork is 4th company in this space. Rappi, Uber and 99-Taxis Mafia. ex-McKinsey, Fulbright Scholar

  • Cosmina Sandu


    Leader in US-Romanian Product Development ecosystem since 2008. Ex-eMAG

  • Walter Hough

    Field Operations

    Global high-volume deployment leader, 5 years launcher @Uber

  • Diana Polanco


    More than a decade of experience deploying large manufacturing and logistics BPOs nationally

  • Claude Motte

    RGM Latam

    Sales Director @TimeJobs, Groceries Manager @Glovo, Sales Growth @Cabify

  • Baris Izmirli


    Ran Southern European Operations for 6.5 years @Uber

  • Rich Williams

    Board Member

    Chairman Alkuri (NASDAQ: KURI) Groupon CEO for 10 years. Global CMO at Amazon.com for 5 years

Solutions to Help You Achieve 100% Fulfillment & Production Capacity

  • Uber-style mass-fulfillment platform and capabilities
  • Move skilled labor between markets with our global mobility toolset
  • On-demand bilingual nearshore offering
  • Real-Time team management tools from mass to micro job-sites
  • Algorithmic wage determination, worker incentives, job-matching
  • Immediate hiring and frictionless, automated onboarding
  • Training and health insurance from the first month
  • On-demand transportation to and from the job-site

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