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Find work you can count on, when you need it.

Start a new career with consistent and great paying work. Gain new skills and level-up. All with the Clockwork app.

Why Choose Clockwork

  • Hiring Immediately

    With a few clicks you can be hired on and start your first shift the same day.

  • Gain Marketable Skills

    Learn while you work. Get hands-on experience with new equipment and supervisory roles. Or, hone your office skills if that’s more your speed.

  • Find Your Own Path

    At Clockwork, you’re not limited to one role or industry. You can try different career paths until you find one that you love.

  • Stable Work

    When one plant slows down, Clockwork helps you pivot quickly to your next role and continue to build your career.

  • With Benefits

    Clockwork provides everyone with health insurance and professional development benefits throughout your career.

  • Be Part of an Amazing Community

    Meet new people and work as a team. At Clockwork, you’re part of a huge community looking to do right and get ahead.

How it Works

From getting hired to getting paid, Clockwork is fast, easy and stress-free.


    Download the App

    Find the Clockwork app in the App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play (for Android). Once you’ve downloaded it to your mobile device, create an account with your name and contact information.


    Pick Your Job

    Browse available jobs in the app. Filter by role, schedule, pay, and location to find your best fit.


    Start Working

    Report to work during your chosen shift(s). Get experience working in manufacturing, construction, logistics, food production, and more.

  • Get Paid

    Your pay is deposited automatically to your bank account or a Clockwork paycard each Friday.


Below are answers to some of the questions we most often get from new or potential new employees.

  • Clockwork partners with high-road companies in manufacturing, logistics, transportation & distribution, plumbing, electrical, food manufacturing, event logistics, venue management and more. In short, companies that make and move things.

  • Yes. While you may work at various locations with multiple companies, your official employer is Clockwork.

  • Absolutely. While most of our employees work a full 40+ hours per week, Clockwork lets you choose your preferred hours and schedule. Add more days when you’ve got time to spare and scale your schedule back if you’re busy with other obligations.

  • Yes. All Clockwork employees receive health insurance and professional development training. Health insurance begins in your first month of employment.

  • No, you do not need any prior experience. Clockwork welcomes employees of all skill levels and backgrounds. We’ll help train you for your next job and the career you want.

  • To get started, download the Clockwork app and create an account. Add your employment information, pick a first role, and that’s it. You may be able to start working the very same day!

Ready to start working?